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Metal Retro FAN ~ พัดลมใบโลหะ ลมแรง ดีไซน์หรู เข้าได้กับทุกสถานที่

Model FGSB-12
Size (mm) 300
Power 40W
Rotating speed 850/1050/1150
Net weight 3.0Kg
Gross weight 3.5Kg
Package Size 520*160*358MM
Packing amount 990/2000/2300
Certificate CE,GS,CB,ERP,ROHS
Model FT-9
Size (mm) 230
Power 30W
Rotating speed 1050/1250
Net weight 1.7Kg
Gross weight 2.12Kg
Package Size 300*150*355MM
Packing amount 1824/3744/4329
Certificate CE,CB,ERP
Packing amount 660/1360/1550
Certificate CE,GS,CB,ERP,ROHS
Model FGD-12A
Size (mm) 300
Power 40W
Rotating speed 1050/1150/1300
Net weight 3.2Kg
Gross weight 4.0Kg
Package Size 470*170*410MM
Packing amount 800/1725/2050
Certificate ETL
Model FGSB-16
Size (mm) 400
Power 60W
Switch 3-speed rotary switch
Blade 4 leaves shape
Rotating speed 1050/1150/1300
Net weight 5.8Kg
Gross weight 6.8Kg
Package Size 600*160*450MM
Packing amount 660/1360/1550
Certificate CE,GS,CB,ERP,ROHS
Model FGD-16
Size (mm) 400
Power 80W
Rotating speed 1050/1150/1300
Net weight 5.5Kg
Gross weight 6.0Kg
Package Size 450*210*450MM
Packing amount 620/1350/1500
Certificate CE,CB
Model FGD-36T
Size (mm) 900
Power 360W
Rotating speed 780/850/930
Net weight 14Kg
Gross weight 16.5Kg
Package Size 88*27*89CM
Packing amount 0/0/310
Certificate CE,GS

MODEL U-ULTTY-SKJ-CR011 | Bladeless fan

พัดลมไร้ใบ ดีไซน์โมเดิน ขาวสวย ลมแรง เข้าได้กับทุกพื้นที่ และปลอดภัยกับเด็ก


Product Feature

  • Wall-mounted/Table type
  • Touch-sensitive control;Digital display
  • DC motor/Invisible fan blade.safer and easier to clean
  • osillation:80°/ Tilt for air outlet:180°
  • 1-2h timer off(operate in remote control)
  • Rated voltage 220-240V/110-120V
    Cable length 1. 5m /1 .8m
    Oscillation degree 80±5°
    Air Speed 2.7m/s
    Motor speed 2800-7300mpm



    Product Feature

  • WIFI&APP control/Support voice control via Echo/Google home (optional)
  • UV sterilication (optional)
  • DC 24V with Adapter
  • Touch-sensitive control and Digital display
  • HEPA filter * DC motor/Invisible fan blade
  • osillation:80° tilt back&front adjustable:30°
  • 1-8h timer off
  • 1-9 air speed,sleep mode/strong mode
  • Air speed:4.5m/s
  • Rated voltage DC24V Cable length 1. 5m 1 .8m
    Rated frequency 50HZ / 6OHZ Oscillation degree 80±5°
    Output power 35W Tited degree 110
    Current 0.3A/0.6A Motor speed 2800-8000mpm