Solution Lists

We also customize these solutions for your unique environment and business requirements.

AI. Technology product list

A.I Real-Time Smart Detection
A.I.TRAFFIC & Pedestrian detection
3d Visualization environment awareness system
Secure Call conference
Secure Intercom
A.I. HUD Driver assistant system
A.I. integrate signage
A.I. Automatic Voice Language detection
A.I signage assistant

Advance System Product list

Smart City Management System
Smart Tourism System
AURORA Signage Platform System
Health Checkup System
Smart Energy Challenge system
Customer Impression Evaluation System
Passenger Care | Traffic Awareness System
Smart Toilet Network Platform
ระบบ Advance Simulation Cockpit (ASC)
Laser Target Designate Binocular
Light Diffusing Fiber

Exhibition Product

EXHIBITION Turnkey design and build
Museum Science Culture Aquarium Zoo Exhibition Design and Construction
Interactive Game
Interactive Floor System
Hologram System for Exhibition
3D Mapping for Exhibition
Integrated QR / VR for Exhibition
3D Screen display system
Full 4D to 12D simulation and Theater
Custom Exhibition hardware like Earth Quake

Ads Media Product List

AURORA Digital Signage Platform
AURORA Signage Player
Interactive Application บน Touchscreen Kiosk
Interactive Mirror
Outdoor Slim Type Digital Signage
GPS Embedded Signage system
Aurora Smart Retail Signage system
Radical Signage Gel Auto Dispenser

Education Platform Product

Education Assistance Solution
A ROOMs Platform
ClassREC : Essential platform for Education
Smart Classroom Automation
Interactive Lecture Board Module
Student Profile System Online Certificate Program
Interactive Sandbox for school

Professional Broadcast Product

MultiScreen SDI/IP
Network IP/SDI Playout
IP Encoder
Streaming platform
Million P2P STREAMING system
Streaming Software
Custom Broadcast Automation Platform

IPTV Product

AURORA IPTV platform
Interactive IPTV
IPTV Feature
Hospitality IPTV platform
Smart TV and Android TV Client